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I`ve had to have yet another ankle operation, this time they have fused my ankle together hoping this will fix the problem once and for all. The operation was around 4 hours and involved inserting a telescope into the ankle and with specialised tools removed the joint surface of the ankle to allow the bones to heal together this is then held together with two screws which were inserted from the inner aspect of my leg just above my ankle itself.

I am now 8 weeks post op and I’m in a aircast boot following being a cast for 6 weeks I have another month in the boot before I go back to see the specialist to see how its healing then the decision will be made to keep me in the boot or allow me to begin walking. If its healed, then i`ll start intensive physiotherapy as i`ll need to learn to walk again and rebuild my muscles as due to not being used they have wasted quite dramatically this can take up to 18 months so I’ve got a long way to go yet.


Fluid intake

Fluids for Performance 
Losing fluid during training and playing is the body's way of controlling temperature and should be treated as a positive outcome. However, failure to replace the fluid is a major problem as excessive losses of fluid reduce your endurance capacity, power, reaction time and concentration.  




Match Day  Fluid Plan 


Pre match 

Hyper-hydrate by drinking enough fluid, preferably water or very diluted apple juice, to raise your body weight above the normal range. try and replicate this on training nights as well.

During match 

Take on fluid, preferably a sports drink, at every opportunity. Aim for 1 pint during half time 

Post match 

Weigh yourself following the game. Replace all of this weight loss before leaving the changing room with a combination of sports drinks, water and high glycaemic index snacks i.e. raisins, bananas, honey sandwich 


Guidelines for Hydration

Hyperhydrate before exercise both training and match days

Drink fluids at regular intervals during training and match days. 

Use sports drinks to help replace electrolytes and energy 

Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol (they have a diuretic effect) 



Match day nutrition


Too nervous to eat? 
Some may find it difficult to eat normally before a match , if this is the case you should focus on foods that you enjoy and perhaps a larger breakfast if you know that closer to the game you will struggle to eat. An energy shake may be a worthwhile option for you dependent on age as these are not recomended for younger players below the age of 16.  


Guidelines for pre-match meals

eat a main meal at least 3 hours prior to kick-off, focusing on carbohydrate rich foods with a small protein source  

a small snack such as an apple 1½ hours before kick-off  

avoid very high protein and fat foods  

drink plenty of fluid  

experiment with foods during training to find what suits you best  


Football Nutrition Plan Guidelines 

A meal containing a protein source and a combination of carbohydrates should be eaten within an hour of finishing a game or training session 

After a hard session or match, fruits, sandwiches, and protein shakes start the refueling process 

Review your protein intake - you probably need a bit more if you are training hard and playing regularly  

Emphasize low-GI, carbohydrate-rich foods rather than high-GI foods in your normal diet. 

Eat high-GI foods-bananas, sports drinks, pasta, for example-immediately after exercising 

Eat fewer refined and simple carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugar. 

Eat smaller meals and eat more often to encourage stable energy and blood sugar levels.  

Eat as much variety as possible - instead of focusing on wheat based products (such as cereals, breads and snack bars), try rye bread, oats or quinoa flakes instead  

Eat complex carbohydrates three hours before a competition or hard training session. 

Our resident sports therapist and head of sports rehabilitaion, Rebecca Johnston will be adding advice, stretching exercises  and general information in preventing and treating injuries. Watch this space for the next instalment.


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